Colorblind thinking

    The brain that is colorblind
    for his conditioning,

    is free to perceive clearly.


Chapter 1 - Introduction


The bell rings and reflexively I look at my alarm clock. It is only 4 hours ... who gets it into his head to come at this time? All sorts of disasters shoot through my head. Has something happened to the children, my love, there is a water pipe burst? On the way to the front door, I pull in passing my bright pink robe from the hook. I soon find my true purple slippers hang. But first the corridor by, down the stairs, another corridor, through the living room and then I'm out of breath in the hallway near the front door. With a flourish I throw open the door and then standing stunned in the face of a decorated track of 1.5 meters.


"Sorry I'm late, but it was blowing quite" excuses the caterpillar. I'm pushed aside and the caterpillar moves firmly past me into the living room. In passing I feel tiny hairs along my hand and ironing. The caterpillar has a head, thorax and abdomen. At the bottom of the abdomen is an odd leg with which the crawler itself pushes forward, after which the rest of the body. The number of feet to the abdomen, I can’t see so soon. At the brisket sit six feet, three on each side.


Judging by her clothes, I think the track is a lady. She wears a scarf wrapped around her head and running over her body, always leaving a space open for an excellent leg. On each leg there is a different color shoe. Around her neck hangs a glittering white drop to a purple ribbon.

Perky the caterpillar sit on the only chair in the room. Over the two banks have my five cats already spread. I see now that the stains on the front of her head are not real eyes. The eyes of the caterpillar sit near her jaw. I count six pairs of eyes.


"My dear child, you have a cup of tea for me? I'll tell you after what you want to know. " "So, what do I want to know?" I ask astonished. For a caterpillar dressed at this time is not something I go through daily. T naturalness with which this creature moves inside my house, then I feel very special.


The caterpillar is shifted and stores a row abdominal legs crossed. The feet are colored like a rainbow folded over each other. I laugh, because it's such a funny face and the laugh track begins. "I see the butterflies hang on your home my child, so I know I'm at the right place to answer questions. You want to know how you can live without conflict. " With those words handed me a slip of paper with a text that I know all too well. Speechless I look at her,  it’s 1-0 for the caterpillar.


In a gloomy mood I once put a personal ad on the Internet, because the problems in the world I was totally fed. There is so much suffering and chaos in the world. We carry all ages war and if you look at the current economy, we are stuck on the systems we have devised themselves.  In the tweet stood:


Dear people,


In the course of time all minds have put together contemporary society together. We thought of norms, values, rules, rituals, religions, politics, buildings, art, transportation, technology, medications, money and whatnot. But the problems experienced daily we are also caused by our brains. They are the answer to the capacity of our brains.


Our actions are based on thoughts, emotions and experiences. Although we want to live and hope in a nice bright future, we make small-scale quarrel and implement large-scale war. The evidence thereof we see daily in the media. It is clear that we never like this a bright future can achieve.


It seems that we have been victims of our brain. No method or guru ever has finally put an end to human suffering. But I don’t put me down at the thought that we are the whim of the brain have been passed down through generations. That is why I welcome this call: Who knows how I can live without conflict?


Best regards,




Now I read it again, I think it's a very grandiloquent room wanted ad. It does indicate that I hoped would seriously react to. To brighten up message I had put a picture of my house in which colored plastic butterflies can be seen that I have taped on it. At that time I had not realized that a motley caterpillar would respond to the message.


"Relax, you'll hear it soon all that, but first our tea. Got green, or maybe some rooibos tea? " It is obvious that this lady would like to have in control. Because I am curious and now wide awake, I put on the kettle. "Look, I have all kinds and flavors. Choose from but what you find tasty "I give generously to the tea box. "Oh darling, can you grab a bag of green tea for me? Because I can’t see any images like you, I see only differences in light. And now with my feelers to all tests follicles to go seems to me not a good idea, "smiles the caterpillar.


Five minutes later, holding her one leg fixed the saucer, another leg to the cup, the spoon and a leg in one clamped a cookie. Meanwhile wriggle two feet at the brightly colored scarf around her head. The scarf begins to fall askew, so he threatens to slide off her shoulders. The brightly colored caterpillar drinking her tea and gurgles pleased that it tastes good.


Impatient ask me to tell you who she is and where she comes from. "Oh dear, my name and origin are not interesting, and about my future, I have no idea. There we'll talk about it later. I don’t think it is interesting for you to know which grade or course I have. Because if you know that, then you don’t assess whether you can accept my words as wisdom. There are a lot of learned people. But are they also all wise? " A little embarrassed, I shake my head in the negative. There are indeed a lot of learned people. But the fact that their brains can book all kinds of knowledge and  remember, doesn’t make them a wise man.

"So let's start with the reason for my coming. You want to know how you can live without conflict. With that question tell you what you think, but apparently you are never reflect on hów you think. That's why we go together ‘colorblind thinking. " 'What is that?' I ask curiously.


The colorful caterpillar patiently explains' Oh that is fun, makes sense and very easy to do. Just listen. Every culture has its own norms and values. People live by the rules of their culture. So one man eats with chopsticks and used another knife and fork. This is why we say that a brain is conditioned, because the brain adheres to the rules of its culture.

You can imagine that you are born with glasses crystal clear where you can look through. During your life you will make all of them, which will take the glass of your glasses different colors. What colors have the glass depends the culture you live in. Every situation as you see with your own colored glasses. The coloring of the glass, or the culture in which you were raised, determines the way you look, think and act in the world. "

"At colorblind thinking you put those colored glasses for a bit. At that moment you are blind and deaf to the conditioning of the mind." "Deaf? How do you mean? " I ask the colorful caterpillar.


"The chatter in your head is your conditioning that about everything and nothing has an opinion. I ask you to colorblind thinking that what you think you know, to put aside. Do not compare things to the one which I will tell you the things that are in your head, to see whether you're there or not agree. Just listen without judging my words. Come on sweetie, it's time to put together a clear glasses to look at the reality of life. "


Chapter 2 - Time


Excitement begins to pop the colorful caterpillar in her buttock to buttock chair. Her colored legs while swinging in all directions. On reflection I doubt if she has actually buttocks.


"What I want to tell you first is that there are different ways in which a person experiences the time. One brain experiences time as a straight line running from the past, through the present, to the future. We call monochrome or linear perception of time. The other brain experiences the time mainly in the present, which is called the polychrome time experience. That brain knows that there is a past and future, but is not concerned with that. "


"But for everyone there is in fact only now, in what way their brains also experience time" to bring in smart I think. "That's right," our caterpillar is unperturbed, "but the perception of time depends on the culture in which people are born. The way people experience time determines how they lead their lives. If you are not aware of it, you create all sorts of unnecessary problems. " While she quietly takes a sip of tea, I wonder what the voucher to caterpillar means by that. The answer I fortunately do not have to wait long.


"In this environment takes into account the different seasons. You know when it can be sown and it can be harvested. Also, what other matters concerning planned activities, agreements are made and tracked's agenda. You think of progress, growth and things like that. Time is expressed in money. Like money you waste time, save and even steal such employer. Therefore, the brain is always busy with the past and the future. The brain may be present in the moment does not think, it only responds automatically to that. You also have no idea what thought there will spontaneously occur to you that you have no control over. "


"That timeline of the past, present and future experience we basically just that the thought of it now moves away towards the past or the future. But is life for  people who only lives in the now  much easier than it is for those linear men? " I ask the colorful caterpillar.


She sighs and shakes the scarf on her head once again. "If only that were true. People who live in the here and now, especially in Southern Europe, Latin America, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. They have a network of people where they are on target. Polychrome people rely on their feeling to do something at a certain time. That perception of time can be found for small children and people living in poverty. If you live in poverty you are not focused on the future, you are trying to survive today. For people who live in it can be very difficult to change their lives. Want to change your life, your brain must first realize that there is a future." With those last words her doctorate at the colorful caterpillar, looks at me with her eyes twelve and then drops back into the chair. "I wonder whether supervisors of people who want to change their lifestyle, here reckoned" she mutters to herself.


The clock is trying to outdo the sound of the normal starting  refrigerator. I want the nice, colorful caterpillar not interrupt her musings, but I would also like far of her story. Tasty, those conflicting thoughts. I will otherwise be first some offer a cup of tea or ...?


At that moment, I see the colorful caterpillar no breathing through her mouth. She might not become good? I touch her, and she is startled out of her contemplation. "I could not breathe and wanted to look and if it goes well with you," I explain. "Honey, I breathe through small openings that are on two sides of my body. My body is a network of breathing tubes that keep the oxygen is transported to the right places. " I imagine how the colorful caterpillar will look when she smokes a cigarette, but the thinking-story is already prosecuted.


"You can look positively or negatively to the past. You may hope or believe that there is life after death. The way you interact with it is very decisive for the life you're living now." "Can you influence yourself? I can’t imagine that you have yourself in hand. "

"You can see it as this" responds the colorful caterpillar while she balances the spoon on the edge of her teacup. "Imagine that someone in the past has ever balancing a spoon on a teacup, then fell over the cup and its contents ended up on your rug." I laugh, because I can imagine my reaction to such an event: SHIT!


"From that experience you look for what I do and you think: oh dear, if that goes well then you actually look through the colored glasses of the past, what happens now. It is good to respect the past, because there you have learned. But if we colorize the present by the past experience, we can never change the future. "


Hurriedly I fill her words, "For the past, the present and the future will look alike. If we are busy with the past, we look through our colored glasses to the present. And we react to a situation like we did before. But if we are not concerned with the past, then we can judge without seeing what is happening in the present. And because our response changes, so does our future. "


"You understand, that's nice " motley caterpillar satisfied squeezes my arm. "So now comes the final piece that you want to know about the time. You can see the time perception of the brain as a seesaw. On one site sits the past, in the middle is the now and on the other side is the futere. When the brain reminiscing negative experiences from the past, the present is automatically perceived as negative. Someone actually lives than in the past and look through those colored glasses to the present. For such a brain also, there is no future. 


But what happens when your negative thoughts swaps by choosing positive thoughts? It is not about you from a negative experience trying to create a positive experience. What matters is that you think of fun experiences from years ago, or even longer back or from last year or last week. No matter how short or how long you have been through great things, because once you  reminds them to take effect. And what happens if you focus on a positive past? "


Without waiting for my answer reveals the colorful caterpillar quickly: "The seesaw finds its balance sheet. The past will automatically be lighter, present proclaiming their positive experience and there is room to dream about a bright future!" She slaps excited with the spoon against the teacup, as if the tap her words even more need to underline.

"Is it really that simple?"
"Yes!" big grin. "But do not take it from me. See how your brain handles the time. "
"Another cup of tea?" I ask smiling.
"Please child, I get thirsty from all that chatter."


Chapter 3 - Thinking


A colored leg picks up the tea box. "So, after the green tea I try something different. What is this bag? " The colorful caterpillar likes chamomile tea up. "That's chamomile tea," I explain. "There you are nice and quiet of." "Quiet? Child I don’t have time for that! The clock is ticking, the night goes on, I'm tired and I must avoid not fall asleep. Have not got arousing for me? " I am looking in the tea box and fish there 'healthy start' out. "Then this is a better idea," I say, and let the tea bags in hot water.


I chuckle inside. I catch me on that because the motley caterpillar is 1.5 meters and can talk from there had gone that she could see and no doubt could read. If we are talking about a conditioned brain, then my brain show a good example.


"There's more you should know about how the mind works" continues the colorful caterpillar. On a teasing tone, I ask her if she will tell those information to more people or that I am the only one who was not yet aware. "Look around at the chaos in the world. Many people are confused and that is life-threa-te-ning. When people understand how their brains works, then they can take the steps necessary to change the world. Yes, don’t look like you know all. It’s obvious that you people DON’T know. Just watch carefully, because by colorblind thinking you also can see that. "


I doubt whether I’m happy that I soon will see IT the same, but I keep wisely my mouth. Finally, I have not much contributed to the conversation, but my tea then. Therefore I do her attacking my cookie jar and ask to continue the story. Ha, what a hoot actually ... a motley caterpillar that tells ME how MY thinking works! That will be the day!


Unperturbed motley caterpillar continues her story. "The content of your thinking is defined by four things. First you obviously have genetic predisposition. The DNA and the power and status of your parents have led to the development of your brain during pregnancy. " I can barely suppress a yawn. As early from my bed started to take its toll.


"Second, there are the senses. The incentives that catch your senses are processed in different places in the brain. Every sense has its own location in the brain. The stimuli of the senses react brains with different thoughts. You can imagine that, when the brain experiences a trauma, there many areas are activated in the brain. At a trauma you see, hear, smell, taste or feel anything. The brain is working hard to process the incoming information. " "So that explains why it’s difficult to process a trauma. Because your entire head is involved in" I notice, when her approving nod follows.


"Indeed, that is why we can call as a third: experiences. They also define the content of your thinking." You feel like you're doing now, is because you live here and not in China, India or Poland. What a child experiencing depends of its environment. When the child gets older it chooses himself for his experiences. Every culture gives its own experiences. Those experiences are stored as memories in the brains. " "What do you mean by every culture gives its own experiences?" "The adherence to a particular faith and the clothes you are wearing now are a few examples of this ' clarifies the colorful caterpillar.


"And fourth there is also the knowledge that has accumulated in the brain over time. Everything the brain has read in books, through the media and on the Internet falls under there. " "Okay." I take the information informing and expect it there to continue, but no. The colorful caterpillar doesn’t give the impression that it was pronounced. She seems more correct to get it good stride. In silence I grumble about it, because at 7 am the alarm clock sounds again. It is clear that the colorful caterpillar in any case can’t read thoughts, because she further rattles.  


"The brain works with words and images. First, let's look at the words. A word is for the user of that word a different meaning than for cargo and the translator of the word. So we know and feel what we mean by the word cozy.  A foreigner can translate that word, but he publishes a different feeling because the word cozy in his language doesn’t exist. And people from China and Japan can to some extent read each written language, although the statement is totally different." The colorful caterpillar licks just over her mouth, takes a sip of 'healthy start' and continues.


"The brain uses words to measure, weigh and compare. We measure not only literally big and small, but psychologically we do when we like something or dislike something. We note literally if something islight or heavy. Psychologically we do when we think about whether we want to do something or not. By comparing we know whether something is beautiful or ugly, and psychologically we do that when we examine pros and cons. " "All day the brain is therefore the judge" I note.


"Yeah, and next to the words the brain works with pictures. These images are placed in an imaginary time, namely the past or the future. " "You say deliberately imaginary time, because in fact there is just the now" I respond again promptly. Correct nods motley caterpillar and I gloat pride, for that quarter on the experience of time the brain is fallen. "There are the sandcastles of the past and the daydreams of the future" I add there overconfident to it. We're going for that. I'm curious to come any lessons yet.


"The practical application of thought is clear. We go from A to B, shopping, learning a language ... these are all areas where we think it upon need. But you realize that through the centuries all the norms, values, rules, rituals, religions, buildings, art, technology, medicine, politics, money and what not have been invented? " It’s obvious. That was also my message on the Internet. There is therefore not expect an answer from me.


"Today's society have all brains together figured and organized. You ar not separate from society, you áre the company. The mind ponders and weighs, measures and compares, draw conclusions, in short, it has an opinion about everything. The toplevel of one mind you hear when that person proclaims his own opinion. And because there are different minds, there are different opinions. " Sip, snack cake, sip ...


"It is unfortunate that people don’t understand how limited their thinking is. First, you never know everything one hundred percent about a topic, there's always something that you didn’t know or had seen. Additionally, you can look through your conditioning but limited. If you are brought up with a belief, then you look at those colored glasses for a topic. And as we mentioned earlier, you can’t perceive it totally clear through colored glasses. "


of listening.
"You might have a colored glasses on just that previously suffered from tunnel vision" I supreme. "Oh, you know what the funny thing is? Cultural thinking is centuries old and is passed from generation to generation. But the basis of thought is the same for everyone! We are all afraid, only the subject of our fear is different. We are happy, sad, greedy, love, jealousy, hopeful, on sexual pleasure and so on. The outward characteristics differences, I love chocolate and you might pudding sandwiches, but we both love good food. " "And yet we all continue to fight for our own right," I complete. "Come on, give me another cookie and I'll tell you about your biggest thinking-error" sighs the colorful caterpillar. The fight with her scarf, she now abandoned. The turban on her head is like a snake beside her because male Harry is playing with it. It seems the colorful caterpillar haven’t noticed that. She is busy with her own passion: telling. Come on, I think now. Because I despite the lack of sleep I got a taste


Chapter 4 - Who or what am I?


The colorful caterpillar touch my cheek with one of her legs. "Pay attention now, you know. Maybe it's a little difficult, but it’ s important that you understand the following. The fact is that there is a body with a conscious and unconscious working brain. No matter what is stored in the subconscious or unconscious mind, it remains the content of thought.


Part of the human behavior is present in construction, which is instinct. When in danger you react automatically. The learned behavior comes from the culture in which you grew up. After birth arise over time thoughts in the brain. Around the fourth year created the I-awareness. Thus we divide the world into ourselves and others. Around the seventh year has laid the basis of the norms and values system. You know what is expected of you and how you can meet them.


That base has you by the environment that uses a reward and punishment system. Although the content of the brain is constantly changing due to interaction with its environment,  the basis determines the rest of your life. But beware" and again tapping her paw against my cheek "because what happens? Around the fourth year arise thoughts about who and what I am. This is done automatically by our spoken language. We encourage children, we approve them off, manipulates teach them a direction to measure ... the whole circus, of measure, weigh and compare is moving.


The brain looking at his thoughts, has all sorts of opinions about that thoughts. Therefore, it seems like there is a center in thinking that we I call. The brain has figured out that I separate from the mind. This is a big mistake of thinking. Because both the idea itself and the thought about that thought, are movements of the brain which is thought. I f there is no thinking, there is no thinker. And if there is no thinker, there is no thinking. Thinker and thought are therefore the same, they are one. As I said, there is in fact only a working body with brains, otherwise there is no separate I confess."


Surprised, I look at her. "So Dick Swaab was right when he wrote that we are our brains." "Yes. Now that you know this, isn’t it surprising that practitioners continue see the I as a separate identity? They tinkering with a portion of the content of thought. In this way is an I maintained that continues to identify the content of the brain, and is or may not be satisfied with it. The internal chattering observer all day the word. As long as the brain is not functioning realizes, running around inside its own content remains. So, now is the time for my last cookie." With these words extracted the last speculaasje (typical Dutch) from the cookie jar.


"How can we deal with each other if there is no I?" I wonder aloud. "Let the ease working with colors" shoot the colorful caterpillar to help. "Your brain is conditioned in a certain way. Let's say the base of your brain is a green square. But your brain sees himself as a blue rectangle and would like me to see you as a yellow button. My brain is also based on a green square." "Oh yes, that is that we are all afraid, only the subject of our fear is different. " "Precisely. I see myself as a purple arrow and see you as a red triangle. In this example we have all kinds of images about ourselves and each other. Those images are all invented by thought and not by a so-called I that is independent of thought. After that, the mind is watching to the image that it has put down itself and again judge. "


"There is actually no encounter between people but a meeting between images. But isn’t possible that we really meet each other, without those images? That we can really see how someone is? " my question is concerned. The colorful caterpillar smiles. "Once the brain realizes that his conditioning there ensures that there will be looked at by a colored glasses, then the brain may choose to slide sideways that conditioning. Then there is a meeting between two people, which will not be judged. "


"And what about the ego?"
"I, ego, higher self, inner child ... it's all invented by the brain. The idea of an existing I feel safe, because you think you thus have control over your life. But it’s important not only to understand that the I don’t exist, but also to realize that. Then you see that only the I caused all the problems, because it’s fighting carries out his conditioning. "

"Why are we sometimes so contradictory? Why do we think one thing, say another and do what else? "


"The conditioning of the brains is dependent on the culture in which one has grown up. The brain is influenced by his surroundings and himself influenced its environment. Since the area is inconsistent, the brain is also fed with contradictions. Thus, the base of the brain has already been contradictory. When you want in that confused mind to keep one line in the thoughts, that's impossible. As outside, so inside. When we take from that chaos in the brains a decision and take action, we cause with that action some new chaos in the world. So inside, so outside. The society is a reflection of your brain capacity and you are the mirror of society. What you see around you in the big happening in the small in the brain. "


I apologize me here for toilet visit, and while the cold toilet seat is warming up I wonder how to get out of this chaos. That is the first question I ask in return. "What can we do about it?"


"When you act from that chaos in the head, then you cause trouble. That is obvious, just look around you in society. The I picture appears, or the conditioning, gives a sense of security, thinking power and control to have. While I picture just causes trouble because it holds on to the conditioning. In fact, there is no me independent of the contents of the brain. And yet imagined I identify with that content.


If you want to achieve something or want something from bowl, there is conflict in the brain. If problems revolves therefore always one of these two things. The brain has frustration to achieve that which it aspires. There is conflict with the surrounding environment, since they have to  manipulate others in order to achieve the goal. And there is a conflict with the time, because it always deviates from the desired future. The present can therefore be a problem when the brain the facts in the now wants to change while holding on to his conditioning. I imagined the struggle than to its own right. When the brain knows there is not an seperated I, then automatically falls also that fight off. What remains is a working brain that the result is from the past. The brain then realize that there is only thinking and that the invented I-image not exist. And when the brain is colorblind to his conditioning, then it looks without prejudice to a problem. Then there is a different kind of operation. " The colorful caterpillar licks again to her mouth. 'Time for a glass of water? " "Sure."


After half-empty glass to drink she continues "The current problems are the answer to the contents of your minds. You have invented money as a means to create jobs in barter. At present, there is an economic crisis and are a lot of people out of work. That is not because there is no work, but because there is no money. That problem is figured out by humanity. Iran's president was under fire from Islam because he consoled a woman with the death fo r her son. He was under fire because an arm down to that woman, did not address his situation and culture. The ring of the Pope is the most kissed article, while many groups are rejected because of their sexual orientation. By showing compassion and love yourselves subject to various conditions. '' It does appear as if we have lost our way 'I whisper.


"What are your hard to others and how worried are you about yourself, the invented me ? People quickly fall into a victim role. But if there is not an I , then there is no victim. When your brain has the image of itselve that is very smart and I say that I find you stupid, then you know those words only prick at the image that your brain has put down himself. But that image is just a collection of thoughts and therefore can’t be hurt. If you look at the facts, then the thought from one brain can’t get the thoughts of other brains. It would be nice if schools take this into account when setting up all kinds of plague protocols.


When the brain realizes that there are only conditioned brains, where the brain itself  someone on has fantasized, then the ego dissolves. There is no visit to a guru or an expensive course of years required. Simpler I can’t make it. It is also not true that we are victims of our brains, if we stuck with all kinds of obsessive thoughts. The brain can consciously choose thoughts. Close your eyes, but even close. "  


Chapter 5 - Where time remains


Obedient I close my eyes and hear "Imagine you're in a forest. The sun is shining, the sky is pink colored and the trees are in full bloom. In your mind you walk a bit through the woods. You see if there is a spot where you want to stay  ... If you find that spot you sit or lie there,  just what you feel comfortable with. You feel the moss beneath your hands, the sun on your skin. You can hear the leaves rustling in the gentle breeze and the different bird sounds. You relax your body and allow the environment on you ... "


In my mind I’m in the woods near Heemskerk. There is a big tree at an intersection in the forest. A t the side is a small field where I lie in the sun. My body comes to rest and I enjoy the relaxation. Then I hear again the voice of the colorful caterpillar. "Your body reacts as if it’s also actually standing in that situation. You can even enhance the experience by using music with sounds of the forest or an nice aroma. You see and experience now that the brain can use themselves consciously to transcend time and space. On the way your body reacts them too when you think of positive or negative experiences. It does not lie in whether those experiences in the past or in the future. Your body reacts as if it is the experience, which devises the brain itself, really going through. "I open my eyes and ask "Does the brain than ever playing games with himself? "


"The brain responds with its contents automatically to its surroundings. But when the brain sees through his operation,  then it becomes a different story. People talk about anything they want to let go of the past. But is that possible? Experiences of the past are in the brain and you can’t think out there way. You can‘t say this is my body and that fat ass I think from there. It doesn’t work. Practitioners analyze problems and then add all sorts of new ideas to the brain, making the case just gets shaken up. As long as one doesn’t realize the effect of the mind, the brain keeps spinning around in his misery. ''And it continues to cause misery in the world."


"Spiritual growth is such a beautiful invention of the brain. In spiritual growth, new experiences, values and rituals are added to the brain. I don’t see this expansion as growth, it only changes the old content of thought. But the content of thinking is anyway changing. Despite the brain can see themselves as spiritually distant light, that doesn’t mean that the brain is actually far light. In a limited area than people loving and kind to each other. Or worse, they think they should be sweet and nice, while they are greedy and jealous. Then all kinds of courses are followed to tinkering with the content of the brain. But people stay together in the brains beat as long as they stick to the conditioning of the mind. "


"How can colorblind thinking I supposed to think?" I want to hear it again and hear again, because it seems like the information as sand slips from between my fingers. "If the brain doesnt focus pouring to the internal chatter in the head, the brain can see what is actually going on. And through clear perception then was wagered another operation. Be simply aware of the limited, old content of the brain. Then you will see that the debate is going to be replaced for the dialogue. It's working much more enjoyable when the struggle about own right disappears. You can also look beyond your limited brain. This can provide a wealth of information and insights.


"So the mind is limited. There is no I that is separate from the brain. Everyone looks through old colored glasses. There are different opinions and ideas. No one and everyone is right " I take things further along.


"Yes" tames the colorful caterpillar in "and after a roll with chocolate eh ... we'll discuss and analyze fear. After days vegetable food I did craving chocolate. "Although it bothers me a bit that the motley caterpillar asks nothing or submit, but only communicates, I get up and walk to the freezer. That I'd rather differently communicate doesnt mean that the motley caterpillar that looks like this. "Spelt or just brown bread? Would you perhaps butter? And would you like chocolate pasta, hail or vlokken? "Rye bread is good, honey." She is lucky that I have at home. "How many do you want? ' "What I said, like two." What she said? What she had thought for sure.

I tipper rye bread on a plate and top them without question. Chocolate is chocolat,  my girlfriends know that and I think this motley caterpillar  will also know that. For myself, I have two grease, because watching how another eating a sandwich chocolate is not my strongest point. Or is that an image that my brain has devised and put down as truth?


We nibble of our sandwiches, groaning under the chocolate shot. When the colorful caterpillar is ready she wipes her mouth with a piece of one of my plants down. Okay, that takes some getting used to me. But I realize that I’m no caterpillar rituals used to. I act if it's the most normal thing in the world and ignore her action. Sitting on the couch, I pull my legs under my ass and go right to sit.


"The brain is conditioned from childhood to solve problems. Both at school and at home you got dished issues that you must solve. How do you get tied shoes, a block in your box, how much is 2 + 2 and so on. Does the brain have no problem, then it consider one. That contrived problem is then chewed until dissolved, disappeared or until the brain has no more interest. Then the brain gets just about another problem.


When analyzing a problem, the brain is searching within the bounded conceptual framework and in its environment for an answer. The answer is in line with the respective frame of mind. But by understanding why you are suffering, get that feeling not gone. Therefore I want to explore the emotion of fear" decision motley caterpillar.


"Are you ever afraid?" I ask her. "What do you think, kid? As a caterpillar do at some point a cocoon around you. Not because you want to, but because it feels so. Then you get to snot then as butterfly continue to live. You really think that I dread? Then I have no life? Other caterpillars have told about all kinds of horrors that are waiting on me. Maybe I'll end up in the green bin or I become the meal of some bug, so I never make it to live like a butterfly. If such fears make sense, then we could make use of it to change the situation. But it is not like that.


Fear is an emotion which the brain wants to get rid of. We can also take the example of joy,  an emotion that the brain wants to hold and tries to get more of. There arises a thought to which is coupled a sense, whether there is a sense that a thought is coupled. It doesn’t matter what the first result is, the drop in both cases is the same. There is, for example, a chemical reaction in the body, after which a thought is produced which accounts for the feeling. The brain thinks that the feeling is because you may be scared, sick, someone misses or whatever. The first thought that comes to mind is dependent on the content of thought. It does not matter whether that idea comes from the conscious or unconscious, it is a thought from the contents of the brain. '


'Then follow the thoughts together to" I fill in. "From that one thought creates all kinds of new ideas. At first thought to follow values, justifications, comparisons, conclusions, etc. All those thoughts again reinforce the feelings. These feelings cause chemical reactions that produce new ideas. We call the times in your head, where people especially at night suffering from." Well, not everybody has at night visit by a colorful caterpillar.


"Do you have a pen and paper for me?" asks the colorful caterpillar. "Then I can draw it for clarity for you." (Drawing from Bontie I made an image you can see in the Dutch version of this fairy tale.)


"The brain knows now that it is times when it hangs a network on the first thought or first feeling. What do you think happens when the brain let that first thought or first feeling exist without hanging on a network of thoughts and feelings? I'm not talking about accepting or letting go of that thought or feeling. Because whether you accept that well or not, the thought or feeling is there yet. The point is that you looks at that first initial thought or feeling without judge. You'll see a couple of times the pure automatic network builds on thoughts and feelings. But soon after the brain sees what it does, it is no longer agree. It's like you realize that you don’t put your hand on a hot stove because it then burned. So the brain is going to realize that it no longer wants to participate in the network game. Don’t take this just from me. But look at what happens when the time comes. " "But I still can’t solve my fears with this?" I ask desperately.


"When in danger, you have a fight or flight response. Afterwards you compare the fearful situation with previous experience and then you say that you were afraid. But is there really fear in the now? " I do not answer, because I'm intuitive used to it that she isn’t waiting for that. "I think you're afraid of the much larger proportion than that there were anxious moments in reality.


Anxiety is not more than a shift in thinking from the now to an imaginary future. Once the mind insert the factor time, because the brain moves images from the past to the future , there is fear. Fear doesn’t stand alone, but always in relation to something. You are afraid fór something. And with that something takes the brain action, put it into the future and imagines a network of problems around it. "


"We just take the example of fear for flying. You can board the plane with the idea as I don’t fall. You can also think if I crash, I crash . But you can also get on the plane while the mind focuses on the purpose of the trip, such as a vacation or a business meeting. And the brain may also focus on a later date, which is thought to be the nice things to come. As the reunion with family and friends.


The mind can choose from its content to which thought it prefers. When the brain realizes that it thinks the fear itself and the brain shifts that invention to an imaginary time, then the problem is solved. There is no I who is the victim of thought. Thinking runs itself, as it always has done. The brain can now do also think of the forest and experience the tranquility? It would be a huge time and cost savings in healthcare mean, when people become aware of this. '


The chocolate begins to work and together with these words I feel extremely satisfied. So there is nothing to be afraid of. Fear is only when the brain starts to think about the future. When the brain realizes, the brain simply don’t slide into the future. And as it moves into the future it may choose fun thoughts. Boy, would it be so simple? I’m almost sorry that I'm not afraid, so I can see if it really works that way.


Chapter 6 - The value of faith


"The time we leave now in peace. Let's examine what the mind believes and which value we attach to it. The follower of a particular faith, the follower of another faith, a non-believer or an apostate refer to as pagan. From this point everyone is pagan. ''  ''Ah, finally something we'd all be at" I respond enthusiastically.


The colorful caterpillar continues: "No one is born with faith. There is no Catholic in a Muslim family born and vice versa it does not occur either. From birth the brain is sometimes told a conviction which the young brain assumes that the truth is. Which perspective is told as truth, depend on the culture in which the child grows up. So what if truth be adopted doesn’t depend on the young listener, but the narrator of that truth or that belief. Because the environment have the same faith, the young brain thinks to see the confirmation of the truth of the received information.


With all due respect to the faith, but have you ever stopped to think that the places of worship, rituals and sacred books were first invented? After that those minds go worship to that which they have devised by themselves. This applies to all inventions, not just religions. The brain has figured out that the world was to be divided into countries and suggested limits. Then humanity went fighting for their own country, their own flag. Each brain has ideas about reward and punishment, winning and losing, money, sexuality, environment, poverty, human rights, fair share and so on.


Problems arise when one brain wants another brain believes what it believes itself. If this is not the case even a murder committed there.'' ''While we have invented everything ourself! "


"Yes. We have already seen that there are thousands of views, thousands of questions and thousands of responses. For every problem we can find an answer that fits into the mindset of a brain. That brings us to the question: how much value has a value? How much value, which centuries ago was determined by brains, has a value as there may still be held in front of thousands of values? Norms and values are part of the limited frame of mind in the relevant brain. There is no universal yardstick where those values can be laid along, because the values are dependent on the content of thought. What is the value of a value? " "The butcher approves his own flesh" I react right away.


"And how about those responsibilities? Everyone is still responsible for his own actions? " " You will be judged on your actions by society. But does that mean that you also responsible áre? If you've read Dick Swaab, then you know that he advocates a scan of the brains of even criminals. If it appears that people behavior not can be changed by that brains have evolved in a certain way, then it makes no sense to exclude someone for years. Furthermore, I would not rule on whether and to what extent you are responsible for your actions. I would just drop a value that comes from my conditioned brain. I f you visit people in other countries and cultures, you’ll see that they have a very different opinion. But do you see with this question that the brain quickly put things in boxes to determine the value?" I nod in confirmation. And it doesn’t matter if the motley caterpillar tells me what is or is not good. Brains must find that out by themself.


"Is it hard to learn colorblind thinking?" "You've done it the last few hours without you had in mind, so it's not that hard" is the answer. "Is it still wise that I help looking over there?" "My dear child, you have no guru or method takes. No one can give the brain insight. Only the brain can teach itself how it can deal with this information. The brain learns every day how to live without conflict. It lets you see others as your mirror, because brains work the same as yours. Only the cultural content is different.


The brain will see that the thought pattern a shotgun is repeating mind, how fast it is in thought groove, about the automatic reactions, how one habit is replaced by another. Thinking judge and condemn, that is its content and programming. If you want to meditate, use mantras or pray to whoever or whatever, then you should know that themselves. But why would you go to another to bother? The burden you carry in your backpack is the conceived me who holds the conditioning of the brain. If the brain is not bending over his conditioning anymore, there is time and space for other things."


The circle is complete. At the same time, we heave a sigh.


"Honey, it was so nice to talk together. "There is a squeeze my cheeks and all twelve eyes are on me. "Now it's high time. Where can I go to the toilet and then immediately change my clothes? " "The toilet is at the back of the house, at the very end of the corridor, last door on the left" I thump my lame joke on automatically. My house is in fact so small that it looks like a holidayhome. When the doors to the hallway, front and rear open, you have at a glance an overview of the entire ground - floor.


Once the colorful caterpillar going door swings I hear her chuckle that she understands what I mean. Discreetly she closes the door behind her. I wonder if it all does go well with that row feet long and colored scarf in the cramped bathroom Then I hear the door open. Well, for the colorful caterpillar it is so natural to do her message outside. "I immediately dressed me though. Bye! " she still calls in the corridor.


The colorful caterpillar remains very long. After fifteen minutes, then it seems to me better to take pulse height. Barefoot, because the purple slippers is not taken expedition, I walk in the garden. Four of the five cats understand that something is going on. They jump up and walk outside. Dawn caused a mysterious fog, which is a welcome addition to the silence in the garden.


At the end of the garden under the bike shed, lie scarf colorful caterpillar and a note that reads:
I'm ready for the revolution. You too?


I hear a sound at the house. Quickly I turn around and look up at the roof. There is a beautiful butterfly flapping its wings. Although it is dim, I can see that the wings are dotted with the colors of the rainbow. Just looking at each other, I sweep and then the butterfly fly away. Well ... still a talking butterfly would have been véry fond of one day.


Because it is dim even as I dive into my bed. I feel my eyes are just closed when the alarm rings. Sleepy my feet find the purple slippers by touch. I grab my bright pink robe from the hook and go groggily downstairs to make a cup of tea. Only after I bag 'healthy start' in the hot water is lowered, I see the faces of tonight no longer on the table. I walk to find the garden and there aren’t the scarf and the note of the colorful caterpillar anymore. Have I dreamed so vividly? I decided to write the story of thought before I forget. Who knows, maybe someone has something about it.

Chapter 7 Summary

The brain can see through its own operations and act accordingly. The brain responds to the experiences of the body and the environment in which it is located. The brain can focus on what it chooses. And finally, the brain can cause the perception of time in balance.

What is the brain telling and tells the brain itself? The choices that have been made ​​in the past, were based on the contents of the respective brain. The operation and tricks to understand the thinkingproces, there now arises conduct the choice between war and start a dialogue. The choice is made ​​from above, but far less than we think, because in the brains. Thoughts whirl past, but that is why we don’t chase racing.

Pay attention to the brain that is in motion, what it thinks, feels, says, how it acts. Watch without judging the neuroses and fears, then the brain knows its contents.

There is no I that is seperated of the brain.
The brain runs itself.

The thought in all its variations caused all conflicts. The brain which is colorblind for his conditioning is free to perceive clearly.





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